The results and findings are published below over the lifetime of the project.

September 2014
Demonstrator part: Thrust Nozzle

HiETA Technologies Ltd is a Design and Product Development company that exploits the opportunities available through the use of Additive Manufacture (AM) for complex and high performance products. The design freedom offered by AM realises geometries that are not achievable by other manufacturing processes. It allows HiETA to create highly efficient, light, and where necessary, multi-function products. All HiETA’s products are designed to utilize the new freedoms in order to increase performance whilst reducing weight, space, thermal efficiency. The LIGHT project provides an opportunity to explore new designs and applications using multi-functional lattice structures. By participating in the project it will increase penetration in the targeted markets.

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Demonstrator part: Thermal Protection System for Earth Re-Entry Capsule

Magna Parva has a strong heritage delivering engineering services, novel technologies and successful projects for hostile environments. They have developed strong partnerships with their clients and enjoy delivering a responsive, reliable and flexible resources, services and solutions. Their offices and labs in Leicester house design and analysis software, assembly integration and test equipment operated by highly skilled engineers and technologists who, cost effectively, work on numerous ESA projects and missions. Their Design, Management, Product and Quality Assurance systems have been developed with significant Space heritage and are now trusted by Agencies, Research Organisations, Large and Small Companies throughout Europe and beyond to meet even the most demanding of project requirements.

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Demonstrator part: Air Brake Door Hinge

Bloodhound SSC is an extreme engineering project set on designing and building the world’s fastest car ever. The goal is to smash the current land speed record of 763 mph and take it beyond the psychologically inspiring speed of 1000mph. The technical challenges demand the highest level of advanced engineering and mathematical analysis. There is a team of dedicated engineers whose aim is to inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Of the many challenges to be overcome the distribution of weight is a key factor for the vehicle’s dynamic stability. Using LIGHT’s Additively Manufactured parts, the project is planning to fulfil a role in helping the Bloodhound team achieve their goal. The parts chosen for LIGHT are the eight Hinges that critically open and hold the Air Brake Doors that are situated towards the rear of the Bloodhound vehicle.

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